China Information Technology Development Limited is a company providing comprehensive IT related services listed in Hong Kong. The Company aims for a healthy and sustainable development and to bring benefits for our shareholders, the Company therefore has a business structure which well-balances the development in its main business while diversified in the business risk. The business structure and major segments are as follows:

(1) Macro Group: provision of IT infrastructure solutions and maintenance services
(2) DataCube Research Centre Limited: data modeling and big data analytics solutions 

Macro Systems

Macro Systems is a reputable company headquartered in HK which provides digital solutions, consulting and managed service for more than 1,000 clients worldwide. Founded in 1997, we partner with more than 20 industry elites to provide innovative product and service over the decades.

As a member company of CITD group, we successfully leverage our Solution Demo Centre & Data Centre to serve clients with the comprehensive solutions, from infrastructure, cybersecurity, IoT to AI sectors. Awarded by ISO 27001 & ISO 20000, our talents in Asia & North America are committed to serving all clients with high quality, professional and reliable solution continuously and always.


DataCube, a subsidiary of CITD group, offers big data modelling and predictive analytics solutions to companies across different industries, including finance, insurance, telecom and retail. Our company has attracted seasoned data scientists and experienced system developers to bring the most advanced algorithms and state of the art software platforms to our clients. DataCube is aiming to help corporations to uncover emerging trends and hidden insights from their data, to adjust the business strategy with confidence and agility.