15/08/2017Announcements and Notices - [List of Directors and their Role and Function]
15/08/2017Announcements and Notices - [Change in Directors or of Important Executive Functions or Responsibilities / Change of Audit...More] (1) APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS AND INDEPENDENT NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR; AND (2) CHANGE OF COMPOSITION OF BOARD COMMITTEES
11/08/2017Announcements and Notices - [Interim Results]INTERIM RESULTS ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE SIX MONTHS ENDED 30 JUNE 2017
01/08/2017Announcements and Notices - [Date of Board Meeting]NOTICE OF BOARD MEETING
30/06/2017Announcements and Notices - [Results of AGM]POLL RESULTS OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING HELD ON 30 JUNE 2017
31/05/2017Announcements and Notices - [Change in Share Registrar/Transfer Agent]CHANGE OF NAME AND ADDRESS OF SHARE REGISTRAR AND TRANSFER AGENT IN THE CAYMAN ISLANDS
25/05/2017(Headlines Revised) Announcements and Notices - [Notice of AGM / Share Option Scheme / Re-election or Appointment of...More]NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
25/05/2017(Cancelled since Headlines Superseded and Replaced) Announcements and Notices - [Notice of AGM]NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
12/05/2017Announcements and Notices - [Quarterly Results] 2017 FIRST QUARTERLY RESULTS ANNOUNCEMENT
10/05/2017Announcements and Notices - [Profit Warning / Inside Information]POSITIVE PROFIT ALERT
28/04/2017Announcements and Notices - [Date of Board Meeting]NOTICE OF BOARD MEETING
11/04/2017Announcements and Notices - [Share Option Scheme]GRANT OF SHARE OPTIONS
29/03/2017Announcements and Notices - [Final Results]ANNUAL RESULTS ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2016
15/03/2017Announcements and Notices - [Date of Board Meeting]DATE OF BOARD MEETING